December 22, 2008

Some Days to the End of the Year

For some, it's just about expectations for Xmas chops as well as the chops for New Year celebrations and for some others, it's a countdown to the year 2009. Some others have even started thinking about their next birthday celebration in January 2009. But as the psalmist asked God, "Teach us to number our days, so that we can apply our hearts to wisdom." Not that all that I stated above are bad, but the most important question in your lips right now is what can I say of year 2008? Was it like the other years of waste, or you were able to make the year count? How many people will bless you as a result of your good deeds in the outgoing year.

This is a food for thought for the wise one. Beyond all the merriments, your con tribution to the development is what matters most. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year in advance. I love you all.

Adeniyi Adedayo(Dayo Nigeria)
December 22, 2008.

December 20, 2008

When Good Turns "Bad"

Life is very interesting because there is hardly anything that does not have it's own share of twists, even the best of things. A major problem noticed however, is that some people try very hard to make the good works of others look bad because it is making their own lapses very obvious and they do anything just to achieve this. A failure as we all know will always want others to fail so they can have different excuses for failing, so when they see some that are not failing, there is a burden on them to ensure that the good works of such people are rubbished.
I have been a victim of this and i am definitely not the only person that has been affected with the activities of these people who have phobia for success. But when your good turns "bad", instead of being dejected and wearing the look of a loser, look up and tell yourself that I am working and that is why they are trying to bring me down. If I don't work, nobody will see me as a good enough threat to start digging a pit that only he can fall in. The attitude of victors when they face this kind of challenge is that they look up and tell themselves "I am a Work in Progress", not an abandoned work. Just like the popular gospel song by Donnie McClurkin, "We Fall Down, But We Get Up."

Adeniyi Adedayo (Dayo Nigeria)
December 20, 2008.

December 14, 2008

The Valley of the Shadows of Death

It was meant to be one of my trips, but the first official trip after being made the National Vice-President of my departmental association, but it turned out to be one that I can never forget because it afforded me the opportunity of seeing how I can fare when there is a very difficult situation.
The trip was to the Premier University, where I had a meeting with the President of English and Literature students in the school. I left U.I. around 3:45pm but the bus did not leave until around 5:30pm. The journey was just meant to be for around an hour, but about 25 kilometers to my destination (O.A.U.), the bus I was travelling in was stopped by Road Safety officials for overloading and we were taken to there office which was a bit farther.
We thought we were going to leave soon after they would have told the driver what to do, but we were very wrong. Instead of telling the driver the punishment for the offence committed, they were waiting for the driver to settle them so that it won't be recorded. Before we knew what was happening, they closed for the day and our bus was not allowed to leave the premises of their pffice and we were either advised to sleep i front of their office or find our way to our various destinations. The funny thing however, is that they assisted all the ladies in the bus but one, and left the guys at the mercy of God knows who.
At that point, I had to take a very difficult but necessary decision of walking ahead believing that my friend who is also a national officer would get a bus that will convey us to school. But we were wrong, we had to walk all the distance to school in the dead of the night and could have been attacked by anything. I just kept o praying in my heart, because my partner was very scared and I had to be the motivating and driving force for him. So, even if I was afraid , I could not show it in order not to cause my partner to panic.
Eventually, we got to school around some minutes to midnight, but all the glory for our safety on the dangerous express road goes to God. It is quite surprising that government officials have now become experts in defining irresponsibility to the citizens, even the Road Safety that people used to believe is good is now becoming rotten. We pray that God should heal our land so that many individuals will not be sent to their early graves because of the irresponsibility and non-challant attitude of some individuals.
Words alone can not express all what I saw and felt in the valley of the shadows of death, but the important thing is that i'm alive to recount my ordeals and without any problem whatsoever.

December 09, 2008

Back In School

It's good to be back in school. oosh, did I say that? Yes it's good to be back. I'm happy to be back in school because I have started discovering a whole new world of opportunities that abound around me. Just trying to concentrate on all this things that if i'm not too careful may just slip away. I just believe God for strength as I embark on all the journeys both within and outside Ife.

The minister of women affairs is back in school and a strong message to all the students who take delight in spoiling the works of other students by pasting posters where some other students cleaned that they are in for a showdown. I am back in school.

December 04, 2008

My Future

To some people, I am a friend. And to others, maybe an enemy
To many others, I am a classmate, while to some I am a brother
I don't even exist in the world of some
While many others wish I can stay in their world forever
All these notwithstanding; of one thing I am so certain
That since no man can stop the sun from rising
Neither can they stop the day from dawning
Because of that divine force that is in charge
Then no man can stop me from succeeding in life
Because I am like the new day, whose dawning can't be stopped
And also like the like that can't b prevented from shining
Because God holds my future secured in His hands.

November 27, 2008

Just As I Said

I can remember that the last time I wrote on this wonderful page, I thought as if some things had already happened just because I really believed that those things were definitely going to happen. For everything I said I was working towards ensuring that I did, God helped me in a way that none was left without being done and there was another feather added to my cap.

I know that it can only be God and that is why it is in Him that I have been and will always put my trust. Just to encourage you that there is nothing you want to do that you can not do only if you will put your trust in God and believe.

November 13, 2008

It's The End of Another Week

Today marks the end of the week for many civil servants, though it's a sign of gross indiscipline and irresponsibility. But for now, what can we do? Abeg, lets leave those people and face the business of the day. The business of the day is that this weekend is supposed to be one full of activities for me, but in the twinkle of an eye, what is meant to be a packed weekend may turn out to be an idle one if i don't get some things (money answereth all things).

This is not meant to be an appeal for funds, but just to show how incapacitated Nigerian youths can be even when they have very good plans. It is still not an excuse though, for not doing good things because no matter what it will take, i have purposed that i will go ahead with all my plans for tis weekend and for next week because i know my God will supply all my needs according to His riches in glory through Christ Jesus and my own belief in addition to a will to succeed against all odds. My message is just that, even when it's as if you are in the tightest of corners, there is always a way out only if we want to see it. At the end of everything, I will come to tell you that afterall, it was made possible by factors that i can't see but believed (God and my actions).

Stay positive at all times and lines will definitely fall in pleasant places for you.

November 02, 2008

Time-out With the Family

I had a wonderful time on Sunday, which was more like a sendforth from Lagos back to my sweet home (I am in Lagos for some personal stuffs and see some people). The day started with a wonderful service at the Daystar Christian Center with Rev. Sam Adeyemi preaching. I left the church a more fulfilled person.

After the service, my brother-in-law decided that we should go out since it's a Sunday and that it's as if there is a full house, but I was stuck because I had fixed an appointment with one of my mentors, Mr. Patrick Adenusi since Friday which was to be later in the day. I had to make a choice of either honouring the appointment at the expense of the family's day out. I made a choice; to honour the appointment and decided to call them after my appointment to know where they were. After seeing Mr. Patrick, I called them and discovered that they were less than a hundred metres to where I was.

From there we proceeded on our tour of the Island. From Lagos City Mall to Shoprite and finally the Chocolat Royale where we treated as well as treating others with the karaoke. It was just fun throughout and right now, i'm just preparing for my visit to Yabatech before leaving Lagos later today.

October 27, 2008

Its so Hard to Say Goodbye

Tonight is my last night in school before I go home at the end of yet another session. A lot of downs that will want you to say "thank God, finally it is over". But the ups will definitely outweigh the downs and you will only think about certain people that are graduating and the things that you guys have done together.

Top on the list of my friends that are graduating that I will miss so much is Damilola Owolabi, Tolu Odeyemi, Cyril Onih, Kenny Olaleye, Gbenga Fatogun, Taiwo Olaleye (Taiwo petit), Wemimo Obiwale (sweet Wemimo), Lola Ademoroti, all graduating Ydi members and all my friends that are graduating but are too numerous to mention (most of my friends are actually graduating). These people in one way or the other have left marks in my life that will always make me remember them for good.
It is because you have been very good that people are telling you that you will be missed, because you have been relevant that the thought of you leaving school leaves some unhappy that they won't see you like before and at the same time happy because you have successfully crossed yet another hurdle in life. It is because you are really special and loved that I find it so hard to say goodbye to you guys.
I am definitely not the only one that will miss you, the whole of OAU will do because "You came, you saw, and you have conquered." I love you so much.

October 14, 2008

You Need to Read THis

September 25, 2008 was a very remarkable day for me not because it was the last Thursday in the month of September, far from it. I clocked 22years that day, and after pressures from my roommates and other Ydi members I organized a party. That was not the only thing I did that day, I found time to visit my friends at the Obafemi Awolowo University Zoo, actually I prefer you call it a forest because there are many more trees than animals in it. Save for the lion and the crocodile, there was nothing exciting about the experience. Another thing that day was to indulge myself, I forgot about my budget for the month, walked into a boutique and parted with three shirts and footwear. One of the tops is my Arsenal Jersey; the buy was quite strange considering that I’m a Liverpool fan. But I have always had great respect for Arsenal Football Club, and in any case I just liked the jersey. But why would I choose to bore you with wardrobe news like I had just bought a Cadillac, if not that a stranger tore my jersey this morning. I was just returning from my visit to Ydi Uniben Chapter very early on Sunday October 12, 2008. At about 9am I could say good morning Ore and the inhabitants thereof. For a long time I had always heard people talk about how bad the road in Ore is, but finally time had given me the opportunity to see for myself the result of greed, corruption, insensitivity to the masses and darkness prevalent in a continent that’s referred to as the dark continent. Thanks to Asa, as I savored music from her album via my Mp4. Finally somehow after about two hours of maneuvering through the death trap set by our government, popularly called ‘road’ from Benin to Ore, I boarded another Bus en route Ile-Ife. As I sat in the bus in a red top with the inscription Fly Emirates eagerly awaiting other passengers, I suddenly noticed a trader who was selling bibles, a closer look at his goods made me realize that the Bibles were actually the big size version Gideon Bibles- Gideon Bibles are distributed free around the world in a bid to spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. “How much is a copy of your Bible?” the man who obviously thought that finally he had gotten a buyer, quickly responded.

The criminal was selling what some persons like himself not in attitude but in biological make-up printed to be distributed for free, at a price of N800.Very quickly I opened the first page of the bible and my curiosity was satisfied, as it was boldly written "THIS BIBLE IS NOT FOR SALE". For the benefit of a doubt, I confirmed that the culprit could read English, and asked him to read same- This Bible is not Sale. It was at that point I assumed the office of an activist, why would one person be selling what was supposed to be free for all? It’s the same reason why the road from Benin to Ore, Lagos-Ibadan Express Way and many other inaccessible roads in Nigeria are not tarred. One criminal Governor, Senator, Local Government Chairman would suddenly decide to use for his family what had been provided for a whole nation. I was angered because it only takes 1000 people like my bible seller to understand why Nigeria is suffering in the midst of plenty.

Already I had seized 1copy of the bible as I continued to explain to him why he deserved to be jailed. By now the bus was already full and the other passengers were begging me to return the bible to the man. I was certain that he would continue in his business if the bible was returned to him, sincerely my desire was to seize the other bibles and also arrest him. In a bid to convince him about the consequence of his actions, I read Malachi 3:8 to him, which shows how God cursed a whole nation because of their greed; eating what God has said belongs to him.

I thought I had finished my responsibility as a responsible citizen and lover of this great nation, as the man walked away from the bus. But I was wrong, because just as our bus stopped by at the nearby gas station, he also came back this time around determined to get back his lost sheep.”You would see what I would do to you if you don’t give me back my bible; in fact you must come down from this bus. As he began to throw threats I sat calmly in the bus watching events unfold, his next strike wasn’t vocal. He pulled my shirt threatening to get me naked. The result was that my cherished Arsenal Jersey got turn. But again let’s give him some kudos for his last words before the bus zoomed off. He said, “What’s your problem, are you the only educated person here.” Only if time allowed him get the response, obviously for a young man like me still in the pursuit of a first degree, I couldn’t have been the only educated person in the bus. But alas, that drives home the point again, Nigeria is where it is today because of the large number of educated illiterates and spiritual giants who are socially dumb.

We might not have the opportunity to talk sense to woman at the Nigerian Stock Exchange, who is blind to the needs of many Nigerians who live below the poverty line, but very sensitive to the need to raise unsolicited funds for Barack Obama. But we must preach this message of change where we find ourselves in everyday life. Though I did not succeed in arresting Mr. Bible Seller, but I succeeded in creating awareness at the park, that he was selling goods that had been paid for. The psychology of man would stop him from selling those bibles, for the fear of another activist. Though my jersey is now torn, it reminds me of how every day we tear this country apart either because we want for ourselves what is meant for everyone, or because we refuse to take a bold stand for the truth. Regardless of where you stand it’s time for you to make a change to see this country change. God Bless Nigeria, another way of saying May God punish her enemies. Lest I forget, as I alighted at the front of Obafemi Awolowo University, I gave the free bible to the conductor

Gbenga Fatogun
October 12, 2008.

September 18, 2008

As Another Year Starts

At the dot of 12am, another chapter opened in my life. Before I knew it, another year had started for me and I had to make some decisions between wining and dining with friends or to devote more of the time to just me and God. I decided to do the later because I discovered that the place of planning in the success stories of people is more important than the time of manifestation. It was a day I used to plan ahead for the year and subsequent ones. I just want to bless the name of my source in whom I live and who I also live for, my Lord Jesus Christ. He is the source of every success story that can be linked to me and I believe that the world is set to see greater things that God will do through me and in me as I start this year of results.

September 12, 2008

It May Not Look Like It

I just feel I am obliged to write this because of certain things that happened to me yesterday. I was at a point where I was thinking if all the time I have been devoting to people is worth it at all because some two special people offended me yesterday that almost spoilt my new day. At this point, I was just focused on the immediate negative and I decided to forget all the other positives.

I went to my room a sad and hungry man 'cos I was not even able to buy what I will take for dinner and tried to free my mind of the happenings, especially when one (though the minor of the offenders) apologized. It was just at this point of freeing my mind that I realized that there will always be hiccups, but that does not mean God is still not faithful. I'm now very happy 'cos besides the fact that I was able to recover from the incidents, the second offender, whose offence was the gravest later sent a message of apology to me.
I try to learn from everything and that's why I was able to learn that even when things look like not being good, they are actually good. It's just that we choose to make them look bad. Until we can focus on the positives more than the negatives, we can never see reasons to thank God.

August 27, 2008

The Market Place

Our markets are always filled with people
Usually on the holy day set aside for congregation
The marketers in a hurried patience,wait to listen to the leaders
Though some of them don't plan to make use of it
While some others want to.

Some of the market people go 'cos of it's sacredness
While the others go to display their costumes
With the holy manual, the leaders feed the market people
While they are also encouraged to embrace the unseen companion
Who comes after the righteous product that is being marketed

The market leaders on their part
Are too particular about rules and laws
That they forget that there is a product to market
They don't even know what the marketers go through
Even when their manual said, "Be diligent to know the state of your flocks."

They are in exalted positions of piety
Which has made them too tall
That they can no longer bend low
And many of them make use of their manual
Only when they are in the market

The righteous product being marketed
Can not be marketed well enough
When the marketers and their leaders are not showing Him as He is
Choose to be a good market leader
And choose to be a good marketer

The message of this product
Is too good for people not to hear about it
And it is not what you do only in the market
Spread the love of Jesus Christ
It is the best message you can share with anybody.

August 25, 2008

The Journey to be Remembered and Forgotten

Saturday, August 23 is a day that can never be forgotten as far as my memory is concerned. It happened that I was invited for a programme in another school (quite far from my school) and I was challenged financially at the time. The organizers promised to foot the bills of my journey to their school and back to my school.
Unfortunately, it was a different story entirely when I got to the school (I actually borrowed money from a friend who also went), it was a different story entirely. The story after the programme was that they had spent much more than what they thought they would. I was only offered a sum that made me look like someone who was begging for alms (N200), which is not even near a quarter of what covered the journey. At the last minute when it was as if I was already stranded, one of my friends came to the rescue.
The main lessons I learnt from this experience is that make sure you prepare for uncertainties whenever you are on any journey and don't make empty promises cos someone's life may be tied already to the promise that you made. For the first time in my life, I travelled without going with money and it cost me dearly cos it made me do what i hate doing; depending solely on another person. Thank God i'm back in my school and I can post this message, it means that i've kinda recovered.
Lesson learnt, cut your coat according to your size and make sure you are prepared for any eventuality.

August 12, 2008

You Are My Strenght

I walk around in school and outside school with different people saying things about me.Some will say he is very gentle, others believe that I talk a lot. What both sides however can not deny is the fact that I can talk my way into making people do things, in as much as I can persuade and most times matching my words with action. A lot of times, you are tempted to believe that you are very good when it comes to what people are shouting about you because for me I really don't know how or why people wants to do whatever I tell them to do, but just like the song of Rooftop M.C's, Lagimo, I try never to forget that the same way I talk, others do yet they don't get the same result even when it's obvious they are better orators. That is why I always say to God, "You are my strenght", I know without Him I am nothing.
It is not about singing my praise, but about stating the importance of acknowledging that for every success in a man's life, you should be humble enough to give God all the glory. Lord I thank you for being the love of my life and I am using this opportunity to say that with the last breath that you gave me, I will always love you.

Success Stories All Along

It was yet another time to thank God for the success of a musical concert organized by a friend and supported by some organizations including YDi. The programme immediately became the talk of the school with different people congratulating us o the success of a programme many initially thought would be another flop. This was not unconnected to the fact that many big time gospel artistes had turned down invitations for programmes in the school recently,so when people saw Rooftop M.C's on the posters, they thought it's also another attempt to draw people to the programme.
We thank God that both Rooftop and Freeborn came for the programme and everybody had a nice time. To God be all the glory.

August 06, 2008

Hanging Out in The Dead of The Night

Had some things to do during the day that did not allow me come online throughout,the only time I have to be online is now.I guess I will be a bit free in the earlier part of tomorrow,so I wont do what I'm doing right now again.I'm actually here with a friend,Dammy, and we are both slugging it out with different school works.There is nothing that man should do that should now make him forget why he came to school.

August 05, 2008

Time to Rest

After about three weeks of stress and other things,i think i have eventually gotten some time to myself.Even though I enjoyed the stress,it's still good to know that you can rest.My joy is that all the stress is really woth it,if I am asked to go through the same process,I may be too tempted to say know.Just to let you know how fulfilled I am.
Lest I forget,I capped my busy month with a trip to Offa for a programme there.Pls don't tell anyone,but i slept off in the bus 'cos I was too exhausted that the bus almost took me past destination.Some friends are at my neck now so I should stop here,but it's good to be back.Love to all the new YDi exco's.

July 27, 2008

Just For You

I have become a singer,
To sing your praises to the world.
I have become a painter,
Painting your beautiful picture in my heart.
I have become a lover,
Loving everything about you.
I have become a thinker,
Thinking about how to make you happy always.
I have become a positive minded person,
Even in the worst of situations
Because of what you thought me.
I have become your friend,
Because you thought me how to be a good friend.
All these I have become
Just for you. Thanks for being the good friend u've been.

Dedicated to a very dear person, Damilola Owolabi.

For The Bronze Members

I had what is supposed to be my last class with the YDI members in the bronze category some hours ago. I am writing this because these people were wonderful throughout the period of the training. When I was told that I would be the one to train the people in this category, i was kind of scared 'cos some of them are your everyday friends and a mix of people who i must say looked like people just looking for fun.
But at the end of the training, it's a different story entirely. They are a group of people who if i have the opportunity, i would love to work with over and over. You guys are just too wonderful and I love you so much. Some people like Wemimo, Tosin, Tinuke, Daniel, Samuel 1 and 2, Jumoke, Femi, Bolu, Chuka, SEun, Kenny, Koko, Gbemi and every other member of the family; Bolade, Deola, Laitan and all others. I love you guys more than I can type or say. You guys are the best and thanks for making my classes very interesting.

July 25, 2008

A Piece of my Heart

Silver or gold, I have not
But a piece of my heart
I give to you
Through the movement of my hands
With the help of the the internet

That first encounter was meaningless
Yet, very meaningful
That first picture did not stick
But the same picture now engraved in my heart
Making my heart leap for joy always

It was meant to be one of those meetings
But turned out to be special meeting
Filled with ups and downs, then downs and ups
It was meant to be one of those meetings
But turned out to be a meeting with an Angel

Though this Angel is with a piece of my heart
I hope she can keep it well
So I won't be able to take it back
'Cos in keeping it, though painful
Is where my satisfaction is, telling me that I'm still with the Angel.

Dedicated to Damilola Owolabi, my very good friend who has shown to me that the best way to keep a friend is being sincere at all times, no matter how truthful it will be. Like I always tell you, I love you so much and will always do.

July 22, 2008

Where Are The Leaders?

The slogan where I come from says;
"Youths are leaders of tomorrow"
Though I don't agree in totality
Because youths must start leading from today
If they will lead successfully tomorrow

Where are the leaders?
Are they not the ones befriending the wind
When they are supposed to romance the peaceful stream
Won't the boat we are riding on capsize
If we call the wind's lover our leader?

Where are the leaders?
Are they not the one's crumbling under the load of a mattress,
What now happens when a log of wood is put on their heads?
Won't they bury us with their weakness
When small loads become very big in their eyes?

Where are the leaders?
Are they not the one's who have closed their hearts to learning,
When they know that knowledge is the principal thing?
Won't they chase wisdom away
When she comes calling?

Where are the leaders?
Are they not the one's cheating to pass exams
When they know they know they can pass if they study hard?
Won't they see stealing as normal
When the treasury of the nation is in their care?

I wonder where the leaders will come from
When the defending champions of these titles
Have nothing laudable to leave behind.
Even with all these, the true leaders will still arise
And I choose to be one who will be a change agent.

July 18, 2008

The Hungry Men

This message is a continuation of one of my earlier posts. It's as a result of the desperation of people to get to positions of authority, a big question that should be asked is that is it their passion that is making them do even bad things to ensure they are elected. It's happening at school level, at the local government level, state level, as well as the national level. The big question is, Is your influence determined by the position you are in? It's high time people understood that you dont need to be in any position to make an impact. As a matter of fact, the true test of a great man is what he can do without being noticed. Instead of running after positions, let us be more concerned about adding meaning to the lives of other people.

The Hungry Men seeking for posts never have anything good to offer. Beware!

July 14, 2008

The Importance of Knowledge

I discovered during the break that a person has the choice of doing whatever you want to do with your time. Some people call it the time to play, but the knowledgeable ones know that it is the time to learn. I devoted my time to reading Pastor Paul Adefarasin's Call For A Performing Generation. My eyes were opened to see other areas of opportunity and the great importance of putting yourself in a position of a solution provider. Trust God, i've been putting the things into use and they are working already, both in school and out of school. The world is for people that are thirsty for knowledge, go for knowledge.

July 07, 2008

Season of Impact

Though its been a long time that i visited my blog, its really good to be back. The long period of absence is definitely not because things are at a low, its just because of a lot of things to do that makes it very difficult to do some other things. I tagged this the season of impact because i have seen in the past three weeks that an impactless life is a useless life. There can never be success without responsibilities, and whoever wants to be successful must be able to take responsibilities.
I just returned from another institution in the country, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) where God used me as an instrument of renewing the passion in some people for a worthy vision. If i did not go to do that, nothing would have happened, but i chose to go because of my belief that God has raised me to the level where i can raise others and it will be very unfair when i have something that i am not ready to release t others. For every great reward, a greater amount of sacrifice and being responsible would have preceeded. The key to the future is in our hands, we either choose to turn it right or turn it wrong.
Don't be left out on this moving train of impact making, find something you also can be responsible for.

April 15, 2008

Political Minds

I am forced to write this because of certain funny behaviours i have seen in some people in the last two to three weeks. It's just unbelievable how desperate some people could be when they seek power. The saying that what happens at the top is just a manifestation of what most people do even at a small level.

The countdown has begun to another election in my department and many people have signified their intentions to vie for different posts in the departmental association. The reserved ones are pretending to be who they are not in order to get more people to support them (no problems with this, since it is politics). The worrisome thing however, is the manner in which some people are going about the whole issue. They are ready to go to the level of blackmailing other contestants in order for them to have an easy victory at the polls. Some others are parading themselves as the godfathers even at the departmental level.

When you look at all these, then you are forced to ask a question that what moral justification do people like these have to criticize political godfathers that are in full time politics. It's just worrisome that if they can do this at the level of the department that almost everybody know each other, what will they do when they get outside and don't even know their opponents? This is a serious question that needs an answer.

As they are planning, trust that there will definitely be a counter plan. Because there is evil in the land, the good should not also rest in order to ensure that good prevail over evil. The die is cast and we are ready for the battle (trust i don't sound like a politician).


I Refuse To Be Tired

Hello, it's nice to be back on the blog again and this particular write-up is as a result of some things that have been happening. Met some people not quite long ago, precisely when a new session started in late February (not for February rush). When i met these people, most of them 'delete', i just felt it will be a good thing i if i can prepare them for what lies ahead of them in school. It's just very surprising and amazing how people fear hearing the truth and also doing the right things. Some of these young 'ladies' still felt someone was just trying to be like a boss to them, therefore, they thought it wise not to heed my warning.

I looked at all the things that happened and i am really thanking God that He is making me enjoy what i'm doing. That's why i have resolved that no matter what, i will never be tired of impacting positively into the lives of other people. Another good thing is that, the same way some are not heeding, others are really working towards not making foolish mistakes. One is even by my side as i am typing this message, her name is Victoria (she is definitely one of my special people in the department)

This is just to tell you that whatever noble deed you are involved in, it can not be rosy all the time. You are bound to encounter ups and downs, that also serves as the beauty of any good deed because any work without challenges is definitely not worth it. For the recalcitrant ones, the prayer is that they will realize on time before it becomes too late.

April 06, 2008

The Man Of Success

Once upon a time, a young man on a journey to the land of success asked an old man how soon the journey will end. In the old man's answer, he told him that he can't say precisely when the journey will end but that the only thing he knows that will make the journey come to an end faster than he can imagine is if he can become an agent of change.
The young man then asked the old man how he can become a change agent when he does not have enough resources at his disposal and that the little he has is not even enough for him. The old man gave him a very simple answer that he who can not use the little he ahs to bless others will definitely forget to bless others when he has much. Your true character is seen when you don't have much and how you manage the little you have determines how much mpore wuill come to your hand.
He concluded by telling him that if he truly wants to be successful, he should be someone that is so much interested in the wellbeing of the people around him. The raeson why God will bless you is because He ha s seen a longing in you to better the lives of other people and it is true that the best investment you can make is an investment into the lives of other people. If you want to be a success, the you must a man that lives for others.

Singles Summit

I had a very busy week in the week that just ended as a result of my uinvolvement in the planning of the major programme of one of the organizations that i belong to, the Young Disciples International. The programme was tagged Singles Summit. It's now time for me to face my studies more after the huge success of the programme.With the way the programme went, we all know that it can only be God and we give all glory back to Him. This has also confirmed the belief that when you have a plan, and you call God into it, He will make things work out well for you.

March 25, 2008

Eventually Completed

God helped me to complete a work that was started last year, the establishment of another Ydi chapter in Unicotech. The chapter ought to have been inaugurated much earlier, but due to certain factors such as procastination, it could not start. The lesson learnt here is that you should make judicious use of whatever opportunity you get. That is the way achievers succeed.

Slugging it out With an Assignment

Just battling with an assignment that is due for submission on Monday. Just thought i should check on my blog and see how it is doing. Don't mind me, could be very playful at times.

February 29, 2008

Back to School

It's definitely going to be another session to be remembered for good. After exactly 2 months at home, we have finally resumed to start another academic, spiritual, and social session. Trust Great Ife, activities started almost immediately with different programmes here and there. Right now, i'm trying to register for the session and trust eportal, the silly site will give you a lot of problems before you can do it eventually. As i said at the beginning of last semester, "We Shall Overcome".

February 14, 2008

Unselfish Love

Its the day to share love again. Though, love is something that should be shown everytime, every February 14 also called St. Valentine's Day, is a day that is set aside specially to celebrate this universal need called love. It is in view of this that i am imploring that you should make sure that you put a smile on someone's face today as you show love to that person. Your love is not just to your spouse or your family members, many more people are in need of your love and affection. Love is not selfish, put smiles on the faces of the less privileged ones as we celebrate today and remember that you are created to give and recieve love.

January 14, 2008

its a new year

All the glory to God for he has done great things. Last year was really great but i believe God for greater things this year. One of the greatest messages i always preach is the message of service to fellow human beings and i just want to thank God because He has given me the oppourtunity to touch a life in a bigf way already. I was just in a friend's place and i heard the story of a young girl that is stryggling to go to school and i just knew at that point that it was an opportunity to be a blessing. All i could was to pay half of her school fees and also decided to make it a payment that will be done every term. Life is never sweet or good when it is just about you, the most important thing is putting a smile on other people's faces.