January 19, 2009

Help Me

Actually, it's not as if an attempt is being made by anybody to rape me and neither is any dog chasing me that requires me shouting for help. I am forced to cry out for help because the work on my head now is so much that it is annoying my loved ones who believe that maybe i'm becoming proud and I can't create time for them again "because you are now a star". I have tried over and over to explain to some of them, but the more I try, the less thay understand and it's beginning to affect me in a way that I never imagined.

I'm "concerned" because unlike a lot of you guys who have been caught up in the ship of partnership, i'm still in the partnership market and I don't want to send the potential buyer of my proposal away just because of the heavyu workload on my head. i am at a cross road of either reducing my commitments (which would be very difficult cos I derive joy in many of these things) in order to placate my loved ones, or just continue as if nothing is happening and focus on what i'm doing. I need the advice of the council of elders.

By the way, it's because of my very busy schedule that i've not been around for some time.