January 02, 2009

My January 1 ordeal

O legs, why have you refused to dance
Even when the sound of the music is so beautiful
O mouth, why have you refused to say amen
When the prayers are being made on the altar
O body, why hath thou failed to move
To the rythm of the drumbeats all around
O mouth, why hath thou turn frowning to thy companion
Even when you are surrounded by laughing colleagues
My heart has also failed to rejoice
Though there is all to be happy about
All these because of my supposedly vanished loved treasure
Alas! After a ring, the sound of my beloved treasure echoed in my ears
Oh! What kind of peace and joy I feel again
Though kept away by distance
The connection of the hearts bring us close to each other
And all that I could not do, i've started doing
Because my beloved treasure can still be treasured after all.

It's not what you think o.
Happy New Year 2009.

Adedayo Adeniyi
(Dayo Nigeria)
January 2, 2009.