December 24, 2007

December 24

We are some hours away from celebrating the birth of our saviour, Jesus Christ. Though things were really boring yesterday, activities have started in earnest now. From the newfaces arriving into town, to the busy traffic occassioned by more vehicles that are in town and also the normal rush hour buying and selling synonymous with all kinds of celebration. I normallly observe every December 24 as a rest day in the morning, and go out later in the evening for a casual visit or get some things that i may need in the coming week cos this is definitely the last free day i have this year. I have loads of things lined up in the coming week and i just have to use the day that i have. I'm already observing the tradition cos i've been at home since morning and just felt like coming out to meet one of my friends, get some things and possibly check what is going on in church cos today is the xmas carol.
Just to use this medium to wish all my friends, especially YDi members from Obafemi Awolowo University a merry xmas. I'm missing you guys already and i love you so all. Remember that we are almost entering another year, what do you want your testominoy to be at the end of next year. I implore you to find something worthwhile that you can devote more of your time and energy to in the coming year. Success wont come to a man that is not ready to work, you have to work after which you call God into it and He will bless the works of your hands. See you at the top next year.

December 21, 2007

December 14

I wrote the exam of the course i thought would give me the major problem, but thank God it seems as if it's been the easiest i've written. I had to travel immediately after to honour an invitation to speak at a programme in Osogbo. The way things have been moving for me this year, i know it just has to be God cos its beyond what my human power can do. What i'll just implore every youth is that whatever it is that you are doing that is good, put your heart in it and call God into any situation and He will definitely magnify every small step that you take.

December 8

The first week of my exams gone. It's been a very good exam so far. It's also the first anniversary of my sister's wedding and its on this same day that my favourite football team, Arsenal, lost her first match in the premier league in a very long time. It just one thing that is not avoidable in football, defeat.

December 2

I had to do another journey today, this time to Federal Government Girls College, Sagamu. I actually went in company of a friend who was to be the minister at their Sunday service that day. It was a really different experience that i had in this school compared to many other secondary schools that i have been to. I had a wonderful time from the time i entered the school, the talk with the students, the praise and worship, the time for questions and most importantly, my interaction with the graduating students. The journey was really not at a convenient time, but i just had to do it since it would give me an opportunity to be a source of blessing to some other people. I also had the opportunity to make some new friends -Esther, Taiwo, Kehinde, Tolu, Seun and some others-. I also had the opportunity of meeting Oyinlola, my first birthday mate. In all these people, i have gotten a new family. I got back to school around 7:30pm and had to go for a tutorial in preparation for the exam i had the following day. All in all, it is a day that i wont forget because of everything that happened and above all, God's glory was made manifest all through.

November 30-December 1

I had to do a little bit of reading and later went to support a friend who contested for the post of the president in his department. Then i left school in company of some few friends to attend what is arguably the biggest musical concert in Nigeria, "The Experience". It was quite an experience. From the difficulty of movement to the wonderful ministrations to the journey back to school even when i had an exams on that day at 1pm. We got to schoolat agood enough time for me to rest a bit before going for my exam. They were quite eventful days.

Back to Business

I've finally come back to share some of my experiences over the weeks with you. The first being that i've finally finished ny exams and by implication, ending a very long session occassioned by unnecessary breaks (trust OAU). I have had some few days to rest after very tasking and stressful weeks. Great Ife, you are truly great. My love to all my friends in school and those that still have one or two exams to write. Favour is released for your sake in Jesus name.

October 14, 2007

We Still Have Them

What i am writing now is a product of my discussion with a young man that i met in school. He came from England to fulfil purpose in Nigeria but still talked with so much passion about Nigeria that i really marvelled when i heard the kind of wierd ideas that he has. The funny thign is that a lot of people that has never left this country will be talking as if they've never lived in Nigeria. They talk about Nigeria as if it was a piece of shit, we dont need people like this again in Nigeria. What we need are people that can believe in the vision of a better Nigeria. The essence of this is to let you know that we still have people that are ready to stand for Nigeria, no matter what. They are the people i refer to as "The True Nigerians". God Bless Nigeria.

Labour of love

I am moved to write this because of what i witnessed before leaving school. A lot of our leaders dont really know the essence of leadership. I am saying this because when we were given an ultimatum to leave school and mobile policemen were drafted into the school premises, a lot of leaders that were supposed to cater for the people they are leading just thought about themselves. Just a few actually ensured that the people under them were safe and outside school before they left. I would not have written anything about it if there was no security threat, but it is important for leaders to know that leadership is all about the people under you. You are put in charge of people and you dont care about their welfare and safety, the only thing you thought about is you being safe. This is not what leadership is all about, please dont let us as leaders send a wrong signal to people that are just coming up that leadership is selfish. Let us let them know through our deeds and actions that leadership is selfless.
It is only when we can take it up from the smaller level of governance that we can now start talking about making a positive contribution on a bigger scale. We are all humans and we are prone to making mistakes, but there are some mistakes that are just too costly to make. God will continually strengthen us as we strive to klead people in the right way. Please let us know that whatever we do is a labour of love and it will definitely be rewarded.

Three days gone

It's three days now since we were given a week compulsory break. Today is the first time that i will leave the house. Of course, today is a Sunday and you are expected to go to Church. My plan for the one week that i have is mainly for Secondary school students. I want to start from where we stopped when ASUU called of their strike some months ago. By God's grace, i plan to ensure that it will not be a wsate of time for me, but a time to invest into the future of others as well as mine. Liofe is not all about me alone, that's why i just need to keep on moving, a lot of people need me as much as i need a lot of other people. God is our strength.

October 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Nigeria

Though i could not do anything about this yesterday, it's because i had to travel for a programme. Though i did not have enough time to prepare for the programme because of my programme that i was busy with, God just took charge an everything went well. The good thing i want to share is that people still love Nigeria so much, all they need is someone that will fire up their passion.
I was amazed at the kind of response i got from both the programme in school, which i organized and the one i was invited to speak at in Osun State College of Education, Ila Orangun. I also had the opportunity of meeting a lot of potentials in this great country Nigeria, bot in songs and in talking. I see a new Nigeria, but we cant get their if there's no conscious effort on our side. God Bless Nigeria.

September 25, 2007

One down

I just saw my first result today, though it was not too good, i still have to thank God. I had a B in my Philosophy. On the other hand, its a good result because many people whose test scores were well above mine eventually had C's in the course. Another good news is that i'm finally settling down in school after all the journey i've been making preparing for my programme on Saturday. It's just enough reasons to thank God for.

September 19, 2007

I'm Back

It has been quite eventful and busy week for me. After travelling round since last Friday, i'm finally on my way back to school. I think all i need at this juncture is to go and rest. Well, let me just let you in on the places i visited before i go to take a rest in preparation for the loads of work i have ahead. I started with moving from school to Ado-Ekiti, from where i went to Offa, later proceeded to Iree, then the last point of call was Lagos. I'm in Osogbo now, but will be back in school tomorrow. Well yesterday was my birthday, even though it was a stressful day.

September 13, 2007

How Positive Are You?

My inspiration to write this actually came from a discussion i had with another student in the early hours of today. The guy just represented what i will call the larger percentage of the youths in Nigeria. Seeing a positive thing from another person, instead of appreciating it, this boy was just preaching about the bad side of Nigeria and why someone should not do anything for Nigeria because he believes he has not gotten anything from Nigeria. The reason for this write-up is not to spread another bad news about Nigeria, cos the truth is that the most intelligent brains are in this country. The only thing that can limit you is your power of imagination. This person that believes there is nothing good in Nigeria definitely wont get anything good from Nigeria. Sounds like a curse? Of course not, it's just that you get what you believe you can get. Nigeria is just a name, the people in Nigeria constitute what is called Nigeria.
There is a whole lot of power in what you say, because what you say is what you believe and what you believe is what you get. Nigeria needs you to think positively and build on our strong points, we have been talking about the negative side for a long time and it has yielded no good, then try the positive side which is more likely to bring forth better results. Be Positive and always believe that Nigeria is God's own nation. God Bless Nigeria.

September 11, 2007

Strategic Leaders Conference 2007

The Strategic Leaders Conference is being organized by three organizations, Impact Makers Network, Young Disciples International, and Daystar Campus Fellowship with it's theme as "The Enlightened Leader". The aim of the programme is to bring youth leaders on Campus together to deliberate on how best we can affect our immediate environment positively. We believe that before we can transform anything on a national level, we must first make our presence felt in our immediate environment.
The programme starts with a rally on September 29 to sensitize people about the Independence day celebration which will come up on the 1st of October. It's just a way of sowing a seed of patriotism into the lives of the students and it styarts at 11am.The major programme comes up later in the day at 4pm. It's the Strategic Leaders Conference at the Conference Center, Obafemi Awolowo University. Speakers expected at the conference include, Fela Durotoye -C.E.O. VIP Consulting,and leading motivational speaker in Nigeria-, Patrick Adelusi -A internetional consultant to major multi-national companies-, Ngozi Nsien-General Manager, NTA Osogbo-, Mr Samson Adeyemi -State Director, National Orientation Agency, Osun State Directorate- and some other youths that are excelling in their chosen fields. If you want to be one of those that will transform Nigeria, this is just the programme to be. See you there.

In the Thick of Action

As we approach the 29th day in the month of September, it's now dawning on me that it's no joke when you are organizing a big programme. Just getting busier by the day and not likely to have the free time to visit friends as it used to be, especially in the female Halls of Residence. Well, the truth is that nothing good comes so easy. September 29 is the day.

September 02, 2007

We Are at it Again

After some weeks out of school, and a week of being partially in school, it has now dawned on me that we have actually resumed in school. Well, it's a good thing that we are back in school, but considering all that you have to go through all in the name of education, you won't but have a re-think if it's really worth it. Right now, i'm faced with the stress of trying to re-register for another semester. It's just as if the school authority and cyber-cafe operators jointly came up with how cyber operators can make good business from students. We shall definitely overcome.
Greatest Ife students, i say we shall overcome from the wahala of e-portal. I sign out.

August 10, 2007

Get Set

The stage is gradually getting set for arguably one of the biggest programmes in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, The Strategic Leaders Conference. The programme is being packaged by The Young Disciples International, Impact Makers Network, Daystar Campus Fellowship, and LQDA. You just have to be there. It's coming up on the Independence Day of my dear country Nigeria. The registration fee is just a token of #300, but you can join us in the I Believe rally round school on the 29th of September as we all march ropund the school in our green and white attire as a part of our contribution to national development by sowing a seed of patriotism into youths on Campus. Be there.

July 31, 2007

Who Is The Thief?

It is so disheartening that the increment in the VAT rate by the former President, though eventually reversed by the new President has left a dark cloud in the Nigerian market. The prices of some commodities in the country that was increased the moment VAT was increased has refused to go back to the initial prices. An example of such commodities is a bottle of Coca-Cola which has its 35l as 35naira before the VAT increment, but was increased to 40naira after the increment. Even after the reversal of VAT rate, the price still stands at 40naira. I believe we all have a role to play in knowing if the thieves are those selling these commodities, or the manufacturers. It goes a long way in determining what happens in the Nigerian market in future. Stand for your right and long to know who the real thieves are.

Free at Last

I eventually had my final examination today, which means i now have a break from school work to concentrate more on what i like doing most, blessing people's life and also plan very well towards the programme i'm planning on the 1st of October. I will also have the opportunity of going to Lautech to lay the foundation for Impact Makers in the school. Thank God, I'm free at last.

July 19, 2007

National Re-awakening

This is just a call to all Nigerians wherever they are to find something challenging they can do. One of the things I love telling people is that if not because of the kind of people in this country who feels they don't have a role to play in transforming Nigeria, we won't be where we are today. Let your name be written in gold, Nigeria needs you. God Bless Nigeria.

He's Proudly Nigerian

Hi, its good to get to you guys on a bigger level. As you know that i'm writing my exams presently, just hanging out with some of my friends in the cyber-cafe and decided to open this account. It's just the beginning of great things, so i have to go now, but i promise to get back to you soonest. I love NIGERIA with all my heart, think of something positive you can do for Nigeria.