August 06, 2008

Hanging Out in The Dead of The Night

Had some things to do during the day that did not allow me come online throughout,the only time I have to be online is now.I guess I will be a bit free in the earlier part of tomorrow,so I wont do what I'm doing right now again.I'm actually here with a friend,Dammy, and we are both slugging it out with different school works.There is nothing that man should do that should now make him forget why he came to school.

August 05, 2008

Time to Rest

After about three weeks of stress and other things,i think i have eventually gotten some time to myself.Even though I enjoyed the stress,it's still good to know that you can rest.My joy is that all the stress is really woth it,if I am asked to go through the same process,I may be too tempted to say know.Just to let you know how fulfilled I am.
Lest I forget,I capped my busy month with a trip to Offa for a programme there.Pls don't tell anyone,but i slept off in the bus 'cos I was too exhausted that the bus almost took me past destination.Some friends are at my neck now so I should stop here,but it's good to be back.Love to all the new YDi exco's.