October 14, 2007

We Still Have Them

What i am writing now is a product of my discussion with a young man that i met in school. He came from England to fulfil purpose in Nigeria but still talked with so much passion about Nigeria that i really marvelled when i heard the kind of wierd ideas that he has. The funny thign is that a lot of people that has never left this country will be talking as if they've never lived in Nigeria. They talk about Nigeria as if it was a piece of shit, we dont need people like this again in Nigeria. What we need are people that can believe in the vision of a better Nigeria. The essence of this is to let you know that we still have people that are ready to stand for Nigeria, no matter what. They are the people i refer to as "The True Nigerians". God Bless Nigeria.

Labour of love

I am moved to write this because of what i witnessed before leaving school. A lot of our leaders dont really know the essence of leadership. I am saying this because when we were given an ultimatum to leave school and mobile policemen were drafted into the school premises, a lot of leaders that were supposed to cater for the people they are leading just thought about themselves. Just a few actually ensured that the people under them were safe and outside school before they left. I would not have written anything about it if there was no security threat, but it is important for leaders to know that leadership is all about the people under you. You are put in charge of people and you dont care about their welfare and safety, the only thing you thought about is you being safe. This is not what leadership is all about, please dont let us as leaders send a wrong signal to people that are just coming up that leadership is selfish. Let us let them know through our deeds and actions that leadership is selfless.
It is only when we can take it up from the smaller level of governance that we can now start talking about making a positive contribution on a bigger scale. We are all humans and we are prone to making mistakes, but there are some mistakes that are just too costly to make. God will continually strengthen us as we strive to klead people in the right way. Please let us know that whatever we do is a labour of love and it will definitely be rewarded.

Three days gone

It's three days now since we were given a week compulsory break. Today is the first time that i will leave the house. Of course, today is a Sunday and you are expected to go to Church. My plan for the one week that i have is mainly for Secondary school students. I want to start from where we stopped when ASUU called of their strike some months ago. By God's grace, i plan to ensure that it will not be a wsate of time for me, but a time to invest into the future of others as well as mine. Liofe is not all about me alone, that's why i just need to keep on moving, a lot of people need me as much as i need a lot of other people. God is our strength.