July 27, 2008

Just For You

I have become a singer,
To sing your praises to the world.
I have become a painter,
Painting your beautiful picture in my heart.
I have become a lover,
Loving everything about you.
I have become a thinker,
Thinking about how to make you happy always.
I have become a positive minded person,
Even in the worst of situations
Because of what you thought me.
I have become your friend,
Because you thought me how to be a good friend.
All these I have become
Just for you. Thanks for being the good friend u've been.

Dedicated to a very dear person, Damilola Owolabi.

For The Bronze Members

I had what is supposed to be my last class with the YDI members in the bronze category some hours ago. I am writing this because these people were wonderful throughout the period of the training. When I was told that I would be the one to train the people in this category, i was kind of scared 'cos some of them are your everyday friends and a mix of people who i must say looked like people just looking for fun.
But at the end of the training, it's a different story entirely. They are a group of people who if i have the opportunity, i would love to work with over and over. You guys are just too wonderful and I love you so much. Some people like Wemimo, Tosin, Tinuke, Daniel, Samuel 1 and 2, Jumoke, Femi, Bolu, Chuka, SEun, Kenny, Koko, Gbemi and every other member of the family; Bolade, Deola, Laitan and all others. I love you guys more than I can type or say. You guys are the best and thanks for making my classes very interesting.