July 18, 2008

The Hungry Men

This message is a continuation of one of my earlier posts. It's as a result of the desperation of people to get to positions of authority, a big question that should be asked is that is it their passion that is making them do even bad things to ensure they are elected. It's happening at school level, at the local government level, state level, as well as the national level. The big question is, Is your influence determined by the position you are in? It's high time people understood that you dont need to be in any position to make an impact. As a matter of fact, the true test of a great man is what he can do without being noticed. Instead of running after positions, let us be more concerned about adding meaning to the lives of other people.

The Hungry Men seeking for posts never have anything good to offer. Beware!

July 14, 2008

The Importance of Knowledge

I discovered during the break that a person has the choice of doing whatever you want to do with your time. Some people call it the time to play, but the knowledgeable ones know that it is the time to learn. I devoted my time to reading Pastor Paul Adefarasin's Call For A Performing Generation. My eyes were opened to see other areas of opportunity and the great importance of putting yourself in a position of a solution provider. Trust God, i've been putting the things into use and they are working already, both in school and out of school. The world is for people that are thirsty for knowledge, go for knowledge.