July 07, 2008

Season of Impact

Though its been a long time that i visited my blog, its really good to be back. The long period of absence is definitely not because things are at a low, its just because of a lot of things to do that makes it very difficult to do some other things. I tagged this the season of impact because i have seen in the past three weeks that an impactless life is a useless life. There can never be success without responsibilities, and whoever wants to be successful must be able to take responsibilities.
I just returned from another institution in the country, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) where God used me as an instrument of renewing the passion in some people for a worthy vision. If i did not go to do that, nothing would have happened, but i chose to go because of my belief that God has raised me to the level where i can raise others and it will be very unfair when i have something that i am not ready to release t others. For every great reward, a greater amount of sacrifice and being responsible would have preceeded. The key to the future is in our hands, we either choose to turn it right or turn it wrong.
Don't be left out on this moving train of impact making, find something you also can be responsible for.