January 28, 2009

The Decision

They are supposed to learn, but incapacitated
The children look up to mother hen for food
But mother hen is not able to because it is always robbed
Unfortunately, by some of your children.
While more of the children are suffering, a few are enjoying themselves
They have money dipped in blood to lavish
Drops of sweat from some make others rich
While the sources of sweat drops are like donkeys
Whose work rate is nothing compared to what he gets
When will this stop? They cry
They drop sweat and tears laboring for their dear mother
Yet these few robbers sit in the lavishly furnished four-edged place
With no faint spot of sweat, yet they get the goodies of others' sweat
What shall we do then? Should we continue to work and die for others?
Or should we fight to free ourselves from our brother-tormentors
Even if we die in the process, it's better to die for a cause
Than for you to die in oppression and torture
The decision lies in your hands.

Adeniyi Adedayo (Dayo Nigeria)
January 29, 2008