December 22, 2008

Some Days to the End of the Year

For some, it's just about expectations for Xmas chops as well as the chops for New Year celebrations and for some others, it's a countdown to the year 2009. Some others have even started thinking about their next birthday celebration in January 2009. But as the psalmist asked God, "Teach us to number our days, so that we can apply our hearts to wisdom." Not that all that I stated above are bad, but the most important question in your lips right now is what can I say of year 2008? Was it like the other years of waste, or you were able to make the year count? How many people will bless you as a result of your good deeds in the outgoing year.

This is a food for thought for the wise one. Beyond all the merriments, your con tribution to the development is what matters most. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year in advance. I love you all.

Adeniyi Adedayo(Dayo Nigeria)
December 22, 2008.