July 31, 2007

Who Is The Thief?

It is so disheartening that the increment in the VAT rate by the former President, though eventually reversed by the new President has left a dark cloud in the Nigerian market. The prices of some commodities in the country that was increased the moment VAT was increased has refused to go back to the initial prices. An example of such commodities is a bottle of Coca-Cola which has its 35l as 35naira before the VAT increment, but was increased to 40naira after the increment. Even after the reversal of VAT rate, the price still stands at 40naira. I believe we all have a role to play in knowing if the thieves are those selling these commodities, or the manufacturers. It goes a long way in determining what happens in the Nigerian market in future. Stand for your right and long to know who the real thieves are.

Free at Last

I eventually had my final examination today, which means i now have a break from school work to concentrate more on what i like doing most, blessing people's life and also plan very well towards the programme i'm planning on the 1st of October. I will also have the opportunity of going to Lautech to lay the foundation for Impact Makers in the school. Thank God, I'm free at last.