March 13, 2009


What easily strikes anybody that hears this name is the legendary football player of Argentine origin. However, the name is now being used to describe not just very good footballers inb the mould of the great one, but others who actually may not have ever kicked the football.
These are people with very questionable character and are always trying to paly games with people. It may not be alarming if these people are not in charge of decisions that are made, but a lot of times, they are the ones who dictate what.
This write-up is as a result of certain things that happened to me and some other people around me between last week and now. When somebody asks for your help and ends up dribbling the helper into trouble. They have forgotten that "he who digs a pit for other people will end up in that same pit." I am not in anyway affected by the Maradona President that we have in our department, because right now people know who is licking his wounds.
Whatever any Maradona tries to do, just know that once you are for the truth, it will never be a problem to state your case to people and not just stating, but letting them know the true situation of things. The hallmark of a great leader is standing for the truth even when the 'seen' and 'unseen' forces are trying to push you into falsehood.