December 21, 2007

December 14

I wrote the exam of the course i thought would give me the major problem, but thank God it seems as if it's been the easiest i've written. I had to travel immediately after to honour an invitation to speak at a programme in Osogbo. The way things have been moving for me this year, i know it just has to be God cos its beyond what my human power can do. What i'll just implore every youth is that whatever it is that you are doing that is good, put your heart in it and call God into any situation and He will definitely magnify every small step that you take.

December 8

The first week of my exams gone. It's been a very good exam so far. It's also the first anniversary of my sister's wedding and its on this same day that my favourite football team, Arsenal, lost her first match in the premier league in a very long time. It just one thing that is not avoidable in football, defeat.

December 2

I had to do another journey today, this time to Federal Government Girls College, Sagamu. I actually went in company of a friend who was to be the minister at their Sunday service that day. It was a really different experience that i had in this school compared to many other secondary schools that i have been to. I had a wonderful time from the time i entered the school, the talk with the students, the praise and worship, the time for questions and most importantly, my interaction with the graduating students. The journey was really not at a convenient time, but i just had to do it since it would give me an opportunity to be a source of blessing to some other people. I also had the opportunity to make some new friends -Esther, Taiwo, Kehinde, Tolu, Seun and some others-. I also had the opportunity of meeting Oyinlola, my first birthday mate. In all these people, i have gotten a new family. I got back to school around 7:30pm and had to go for a tutorial in preparation for the exam i had the following day. All in all, it is a day that i wont forget because of everything that happened and above all, God's glory was made manifest all through.

November 30-December 1

I had to do a little bit of reading and later went to support a friend who contested for the post of the president in his department. Then i left school in company of some few friends to attend what is arguably the biggest musical concert in Nigeria, "The Experience". It was quite an experience. From the difficulty of movement to the wonderful ministrations to the journey back to school even when i had an exams on that day at 1pm. We got to schoolat agood enough time for me to rest a bit before going for my exam. They were quite eventful days.

Back to Business

I've finally come back to share some of my experiences over the weeks with you. The first being that i've finally finished ny exams and by implication, ending a very long session occassioned by unnecessary breaks (trust OAU). I have had some few days to rest after very tasking and stressful weeks. Great Ife, you are truly great. My love to all my friends in school and those that still have one or two exams to write. Favour is released for your sake in Jesus name.