August 27, 2008

The Market Place

Our markets are always filled with people
Usually on the holy day set aside for congregation
The marketers in a hurried patience,wait to listen to the leaders
Though some of them don't plan to make use of it
While some others want to.

Some of the market people go 'cos of it's sacredness
While the others go to display their costumes
With the holy manual, the leaders feed the market people
While they are also encouraged to embrace the unseen companion
Who comes after the righteous product that is being marketed

The market leaders on their part
Are too particular about rules and laws
That they forget that there is a product to market
They don't even know what the marketers go through
Even when their manual said, "Be diligent to know the state of your flocks."

They are in exalted positions of piety
Which has made them too tall
That they can no longer bend low
And many of them make use of their manual
Only when they are in the market

The righteous product being marketed
Can not be marketed well enough
When the marketers and their leaders are not showing Him as He is
Choose to be a good market leader
And choose to be a good marketer

The message of this product
Is too good for people not to hear about it
And it is not what you do only in the market
Spread the love of Jesus Christ
It is the best message you can share with anybody.

August 25, 2008

The Journey to be Remembered and Forgotten

Saturday, August 23 is a day that can never be forgotten as far as my memory is concerned. It happened that I was invited for a programme in another school (quite far from my school) and I was challenged financially at the time. The organizers promised to foot the bills of my journey to their school and back to my school.
Unfortunately, it was a different story entirely when I got to the school (I actually borrowed money from a friend who also went), it was a different story entirely. The story after the programme was that they had spent much more than what they thought they would. I was only offered a sum that made me look like someone who was begging for alms (N200), which is not even near a quarter of what covered the journey. At the last minute when it was as if I was already stranded, one of my friends came to the rescue.
The main lessons I learnt from this experience is that make sure you prepare for uncertainties whenever you are on any journey and don't make empty promises cos someone's life may be tied already to the promise that you made. For the first time in my life, I travelled without going with money and it cost me dearly cos it made me do what i hate doing; depending solely on another person. Thank God i'm back in my school and I can post this message, it means that i've kinda recovered.
Lesson learnt, cut your coat according to your size and make sure you are prepared for any eventuality.