September 03, 2009

And my Heart Refused to Break

In the last one week, I have seen enough and heard enough. First was the shocker about ..., and this alone came with so many other friends. You should understand that when you are in the Mr/Miss Right business, many other things are bound to be added to yu. The good Lord that I serve came to my rescue by assuring me that all that happened was orchestrated by Him and that He does not do what will not end up good for His children, but I still struggled to believe that. The most painful thing is that this major setback or heartbreak happened as a result of heeding God's instruction that I should be patient, and I just kept wondering how painful it is when you have to listen to God.

I need to confess that initially, i really struggled with this, considering that I was experiencing serious challenges in some areas at the same time. Out of everything, God has just been teaching me different lessons and the most important of all the lessons God has taught me in my trying period is that "He Makes All Things Beautiful In His Time."

This is the more reason why my heart has refused to break and it ha sactually come out better and stronger.

Dayo Nigeria

August 22, 2009

It's Been Long

It's been quite a while that I actually blogged, but just decided to blog today so you guys will know that i'm alive and doing good. It's good to take a rest at some points in your life, and i guess i decided to give myself a break from blogging. I'm back and better. Watch out for an update of my activities over the months. God Bless Nigeria.

Adeniyi Adedayo (Dayo Nigeria)
August 22, 2009.

May 25, 2009

For My God

I have not posted anything for over a month now because of so many factors, ranging from a busy schedule to my inability to get a place to browse in some of the places I visited in the last six weeks. However, during the period of my absence from blogging, I had to go through a very serious and hurting learning process. Its just like a person who has devoted resources, energy and time into building a skyscraper and the building just crumbling in just a twinkle of an eye.

I had a lot of reasons to question God, but at the end of the questioning session, I just got a deeper understanding that all the so called energy that I put into the project is given by God and I can only do all these things because of His breath that is in me. That is why I wrote this poem just to tell my God that in my trying time, I will always trust the Lord and thank Him because He says all things work together of all that love Him.

O Lord, My God.
O Lord, my God
According to the psalmist and my testimony
How excellent is your name in all the earth
O Lord, my God
Because of who you are and what you've done
Only you are worthy of my praise forever
O Lord, my God
Not because of how full or big my belly is
But because of your fullness that is in me
But my heart always leap for joy
O Lord, my God
Though my physical body may look rough
And ugly because of the stress of this world
My soul delight in you because in my spirit
I have your beautiful Spirit whose beautiful work from within
Cover up my ugly outside and make people agree that i'm beautiful
O Lord, my God
I just bless your name because in your loving kindness
You have made me go through the fire without being burnt
And through the storm without being consumed
How excellent you truly are, my dear God.

Adeniyi Adedayo (Dayo Nigeria)
May 26, 2009.

April 17, 2009

Longing For Love

In loving, I get hatred
In moving close, I get farther
I continue hoping and loving though
Endlessly I continue to wait
Waiting not for Godot
But for that time
That I can finally shout EUREKA
To the part of me that was removed
To create that masterpiece
Whose presence makes productivity possible

In losing hope, I get closer
Just as the 100m sprinter gets closer to the mark
I get closer to the promised land
When fate and faith both combined to smile on me
And lavish on me all the love that was far off
More importantly, the door begins to open
As the arrival of the one clothed with virtue
Like the biblical Esther is envisaged
Only waiting for the full appearance of the bride in waiting.

All hail the arrival of the Queen
Who will come and steal the heart of her charming prince
Can someone please tell prince charming to ring the bell
And the beautiful queen to answer the call of the bell
Because both of them have been destined for one another
By that Divine Being whose works can never be faulted
And whom these two excellencies worship and revere
The wait is on, and the time is near
When that which has been ordained from above
Will be manifested, that the whole world will see and rejoice.

Inspired by a wonderful friend.

April 08, 2009

How "Fool" Can The Month Be?

Its been a very long time since I posted anything, I can say its as a result of my different adventures in the land of examination and entering into the land of productivity from there. Right now, I just finished or got to a very good level in my Ado-Ekiti assignment and moving to Lagos for a programme before doing so many other productive things. It is meant to be a month that starts with April fool, but my day on the first of April just reminded me that the month should not make me become a fool, but make my month full of testimonies and great results. It is already happening and my God tells me that the glory of the latter house shall be more than that of the former, so greater results are coming my way throughout this year.

God Bless Nigeria
Dayo Nigeria
April 8, 2009.

March 13, 2009


What easily strikes anybody that hears this name is the legendary football player of Argentine origin. However, the name is now being used to describe not just very good footballers inb the mould of the great one, but others who actually may not have ever kicked the football.
These are people with very questionable character and are always trying to paly games with people. It may not be alarming if these people are not in charge of decisions that are made, but a lot of times, they are the ones who dictate what.
This write-up is as a result of certain things that happened to me and some other people around me between last week and now. When somebody asks for your help and ends up dribbling the helper into trouble. They have forgotten that "he who digs a pit for other people will end up in that same pit." I am not in anyway affected by the Maradona President that we have in our department, because right now people know who is licking his wounds.
Whatever any Maradona tries to do, just know that once you are for the truth, it will never be a problem to state your case to people and not just stating, but letting them know the true situation of things. The hallmark of a great leader is standing for the truth even when the 'seen' and 'unseen' forces are trying to push you into falsehood.

February 20, 2009

The Irony of Love

Some days ago, the whole world clebrated what is meant to be love, popularly called Valentine's Day. It is however ironic that the day that is meant to be for love is the day that people assist in truncating the destiny of others just to satisfy their lustful feelings. This is not in any way what love is. The day has been so bastardized that I will be glad if there is nothing referred to as St. Valentine's day because it has over time become a day that naive young ladies are initiated into promiscuity.

The purpose of this blog is not to rubbish what love is, but to implore as many of us that God has helped to understand that true love does not mean sex, but true love is about caring for the next person, giving that person reason to live again. It may be in the place of time giving, material giving or just your smile.

Love is what makes the world go round and every human being who knows God will know that true love entails sacrifice. Just for the future of that young girl, kill your lustful desires and concentrate on how best you can help her grow. For the sake of that visionary young man, do away with your crave for material things and focus on how that young man has added more value to your live through his wise words and the time you were down and he stood by you.

He who knows God is meant to teach the world how to love, and not conforming to the world's definition of love. So many big pictures have been burnt to ashes just because of the decietful way that people show love. It is our responsibility to be the light that people will use to see. The greatest love is the love of sacrifice, let us teach giving more than recieving cos love is about giving when you don't expect anything in return.

As you show love to people, don't forget to love your country as well. God bless Nigeria.

January 28, 2009

The Decision

They are supposed to learn, but incapacitated
The children look up to mother hen for food
But mother hen is not able to because it is always robbed
Unfortunately, by some of your children.
While more of the children are suffering, a few are enjoying themselves
They have money dipped in blood to lavish
Drops of sweat from some make others rich
While the sources of sweat drops are like donkeys
Whose work rate is nothing compared to what he gets
When will this stop? They cry
They drop sweat and tears laboring for their dear mother
Yet these few robbers sit in the lavishly furnished four-edged place
With no faint spot of sweat, yet they get the goodies of others' sweat
What shall we do then? Should we continue to work and die for others?
Or should we fight to free ourselves from our brother-tormentors
Even if we die in the process, it's better to die for a cause
Than for you to die in oppression and torture
The decision lies in your hands.

Adeniyi Adedayo (Dayo Nigeria)
January 29, 2008

January 19, 2009

Help Me

Actually, it's not as if an attempt is being made by anybody to rape me and neither is any dog chasing me that requires me shouting for help. I am forced to cry out for help because the work on my head now is so much that it is annoying my loved ones who believe that maybe i'm becoming proud and I can't create time for them again "because you are now a star". I have tried over and over to explain to some of them, but the more I try, the less thay understand and it's beginning to affect me in a way that I never imagined.

I'm "concerned" because unlike a lot of you guys who have been caught up in the ship of partnership, i'm still in the partnership market and I don't want to send the potential buyer of my proposal away just because of the heavyu workload on my head. i am at a cross road of either reducing my commitments (which would be very difficult cos I derive joy in many of these things) in order to placate my loved ones, or just continue as if nothing is happening and focus on what i'm doing. I need the advice of the council of elders.

By the way, it's because of my very busy schedule that i've not been around for some time.

January 02, 2009

My January 1 ordeal

O legs, why have you refused to dance
Even when the sound of the music is so beautiful
O mouth, why have you refused to say amen
When the prayers are being made on the altar
O body, why hath thou failed to move
To the rythm of the drumbeats all around
O mouth, why hath thou turn frowning to thy companion
Even when you are surrounded by laughing colleagues
My heart has also failed to rejoice
Though there is all to be happy about
All these because of my supposedly vanished loved treasure
Alas! After a ring, the sound of my beloved treasure echoed in my ears
Oh! What kind of peace and joy I feel again
Though kept away by distance
The connection of the hearts bring us close to each other
And all that I could not do, i've started doing
Because my beloved treasure can still be treasured after all.

It's not what you think o.
Happy New Year 2009.

Adedayo Adeniyi
(Dayo Nigeria)
January 2, 2009.