November 02, 2008

Time-out With the Family

I had a wonderful time on Sunday, which was more like a sendforth from Lagos back to my sweet home (I am in Lagos for some personal stuffs and see some people). The day started with a wonderful service at the Daystar Christian Center with Rev. Sam Adeyemi preaching. I left the church a more fulfilled person.

After the service, my brother-in-law decided that we should go out since it's a Sunday and that it's as if there is a full house, but I was stuck because I had fixed an appointment with one of my mentors, Mr. Patrick Adenusi since Friday which was to be later in the day. I had to make a choice of either honouring the appointment at the expense of the family's day out. I made a choice; to honour the appointment and decided to call them after my appointment to know where they were. After seeing Mr. Patrick, I called them and discovered that they were less than a hundred metres to where I was.

From there we proceeded on our tour of the Island. From Lagos City Mall to Shoprite and finally the Chocolat Royale where we treated as well as treating others with the karaoke. It was just fun throughout and right now, i'm just preparing for my visit to Yabatech before leaving Lagos later today.