July 19, 2007

National Re-awakening

This is just a call to all Nigerians wherever they are to find something challenging they can do. One of the things I love telling people is that if not because of the kind of people in this country who feels they don't have a role to play in transforming Nigeria, we won't be where we are today. Let your name be written in gold, Nigeria needs you. God Bless Nigeria.

He's Proudly Nigerian

Hi, its good to get to you guys on a bigger level. As you know that i'm writing my exams presently, just hanging out with some of my friends in the cyber-cafe and decided to open this account. It's just the beginning of great things, so i have to go now, but i promise to get back to you soonest. I love NIGERIA with all my heart, think of something positive you can do for Nigeria.