August 12, 2008

You Are My Strenght

I walk around in school and outside school with different people saying things about me.Some will say he is very gentle, others believe that I talk a lot. What both sides however can not deny is the fact that I can talk my way into making people do things, in as much as I can persuade and most times matching my words with action. A lot of times, you are tempted to believe that you are very good when it comes to what people are shouting about you because for me I really don't know how or why people wants to do whatever I tell them to do, but just like the song of Rooftop M.C's, Lagimo, I try never to forget that the same way I talk, others do yet they don't get the same result even when it's obvious they are better orators. That is why I always say to God, "You are my strenght", I know without Him I am nothing.
It is not about singing my praise, but about stating the importance of acknowledging that for every success in a man's life, you should be humble enough to give God all the glory. Lord I thank you for being the love of my life and I am using this opportunity to say that with the last breath that you gave me, I will always love you.

Success Stories All Along

It was yet another time to thank God for the success of a musical concert organized by a friend and supported by some organizations including YDi. The programme immediately became the talk of the school with different people congratulating us o the success of a programme many initially thought would be another flop. This was not unconnected to the fact that many big time gospel artistes had turned down invitations for programmes in the school recently,so when people saw Rooftop M.C's on the posters, they thought it's also another attempt to draw people to the programme.
We thank God that both Rooftop and Freeborn came for the programme and everybody had a nice time. To God be all the glory.