April 06, 2008

The Man Of Success

Once upon a time, a young man on a journey to the land of success asked an old man how soon the journey will end. In the old man's answer, he told him that he can't say precisely when the journey will end but that the only thing he knows that will make the journey come to an end faster than he can imagine is if he can become an agent of change.
The young man then asked the old man how he can become a change agent when he does not have enough resources at his disposal and that the little he has is not even enough for him. The old man gave him a very simple answer that he who can not use the little he ahs to bless others will definitely forget to bless others when he has much. Your true character is seen when you don't have much and how you manage the little you have determines how much mpore wuill come to your hand.
He concluded by telling him that if he truly wants to be successful, he should be someone that is so much interested in the wellbeing of the people around him. The raeson why God will bless you is because He ha s seen a longing in you to better the lives of other people and it is true that the best investment you can make is an investment into the lives of other people. If you want to be a success, the you must a man that lives for others.

Singles Summit

I had a very busy week in the week that just ended as a result of my uinvolvement in the planning of the major programme of one of the organizations that i belong to, the Young Disciples International. The programme was tagged Singles Summit. It's now time for me to face my studies more after the huge success of the programme.With the way the programme went, we all know that it can only be God and we give all glory back to Him. This has also confirmed the belief that when you have a plan, and you call God into it, He will make things work out well for you.