April 17, 2009

Longing For Love

In loving, I get hatred
In moving close, I get farther
I continue hoping and loving though
Endlessly I continue to wait
Waiting not for Godot
But for that time
That I can finally shout EUREKA
To the part of me that was removed
To create that masterpiece
Whose presence makes productivity possible

In losing hope, I get closer
Just as the 100m sprinter gets closer to the mark
I get closer to the promised land
When fate and faith both combined to smile on me
And lavish on me all the love that was far off
More importantly, the door begins to open
As the arrival of the one clothed with virtue
Like the biblical Esther is envisaged
Only waiting for the full appearance of the bride in waiting.

All hail the arrival of the Queen
Who will come and steal the heart of her charming prince
Can someone please tell prince charming to ring the bell
And the beautiful queen to answer the call of the bell
Because both of them have been destined for one another
By that Divine Being whose works can never be faulted
And whom these two excellencies worship and revere
The wait is on, and the time is near
When that which has been ordained from above
Will be manifested, that the whole world will see and rejoice.

Inspired by a wonderful friend.