April 15, 2008

Political Minds

I am forced to write this because of certain funny behaviours i have seen in some people in the last two to three weeks. It's just unbelievable how desperate some people could be when they seek power. The saying that what happens at the top is just a manifestation of what most people do even at a small level.

The countdown has begun to another election in my department and many people have signified their intentions to vie for different posts in the departmental association. The reserved ones are pretending to be who they are not in order to get more people to support them (no problems with this, since it is politics). The worrisome thing however, is the manner in which some people are going about the whole issue. They are ready to go to the level of blackmailing other contestants in order for them to have an easy victory at the polls. Some others are parading themselves as the godfathers even at the departmental level.

When you look at all these, then you are forced to ask a question that what moral justification do people like these have to criticize political godfathers that are in full time politics. It's just worrisome that if they can do this at the level of the department that almost everybody know each other, what will they do when they get outside and don't even know their opponents? This is a serious question that needs an answer.

As they are planning, trust that there will definitely be a counter plan. Because there is evil in the land, the good should not also rest in order to ensure that good prevail over evil. The die is cast and we are ready for the battle (trust i don't sound like a politician).


I Refuse To Be Tired

Hello, it's nice to be back on the blog again and this particular write-up is as a result of some things that have been happening. Met some people not quite long ago, precisely when a new session started in late February (not for February rush). When i met these people, most of them 'delete', i just felt it will be a good thing i if i can prepare them for what lies ahead of them in school. It's just very surprising and amazing how people fear hearing the truth and also doing the right things. Some of these young 'ladies' still felt someone was just trying to be like a boss to them, therefore, they thought it wise not to heed my warning.

I looked at all the things that happened and i am really thanking God that He is making me enjoy what i'm doing. That's why i have resolved that no matter what, i will never be tired of impacting positively into the lives of other people. Another good thing is that, the same way some are not heeding, others are really working towards not making foolish mistakes. One is even by my side as i am typing this message, her name is Victoria (she is definitely one of my special people in the department)

This is just to tell you that whatever noble deed you are involved in, it can not be rosy all the time. You are bound to encounter ups and downs, that also serves as the beauty of any good deed because any work without challenges is definitely not worth it. For the recalcitrant ones, the prayer is that they will realize on time before it becomes too late.