September 03, 2009

And my Heart Refused to Break

In the last one week, I have seen enough and heard enough. First was the shocker about ..., and this alone came with so many other friends. You should understand that when you are in the Mr/Miss Right business, many other things are bound to be added to yu. The good Lord that I serve came to my rescue by assuring me that all that happened was orchestrated by Him and that He does not do what will not end up good for His children, but I still struggled to believe that. The most painful thing is that this major setback or heartbreak happened as a result of heeding God's instruction that I should be patient, and I just kept wondering how painful it is when you have to listen to God.

I need to confess that initially, i really struggled with this, considering that I was experiencing serious challenges in some areas at the same time. Out of everything, God has just been teaching me different lessons and the most important of all the lessons God has taught me in my trying period is that "He Makes All Things Beautiful In His Time."

This is the more reason why my heart has refused to break and it ha sactually come out better and stronger.

Dayo Nigeria