October 27, 2008

Its so Hard to Say Goodbye

Tonight is my last night in school before I go home at the end of yet another session. A lot of downs that will want you to say "thank God, finally it is over". But the ups will definitely outweigh the downs and you will only think about certain people that are graduating and the things that you guys have done together.

Top on the list of my friends that are graduating that I will miss so much is Damilola Owolabi, Tolu Odeyemi, Cyril Onih, Kenny Olaleye, Gbenga Fatogun, Taiwo Olaleye (Taiwo petit), Wemimo Obiwale (sweet Wemimo), Lola Ademoroti, all graduating Ydi members and all my friends that are graduating but are too numerous to mention (most of my friends are actually graduating). These people in one way or the other have left marks in my life that will always make me remember them for good.
It is because you have been very good that people are telling you that you will be missed, because you have been relevant that the thought of you leaving school leaves some unhappy that they won't see you like before and at the same time happy because you have successfully crossed yet another hurdle in life. It is because you are really special and loved that I find it so hard to say goodbye to you guys.
I am definitely not the only one that will miss you, the whole of OAU will do because "You came, you saw, and you have conquered." I love you so much.