September 12, 2008

It May Not Look Like It

I just feel I am obliged to write this because of certain things that happened to me yesterday. I was at a point where I was thinking if all the time I have been devoting to people is worth it at all because some two special people offended me yesterday that almost spoilt my new day. At this point, I was just focused on the immediate negative and I decided to forget all the other positives.

I went to my room a sad and hungry man 'cos I was not even able to buy what I will take for dinner and tried to free my mind of the happenings, especially when one (though the minor of the offenders) apologized. It was just at this point of freeing my mind that I realized that there will always be hiccups, but that does not mean God is still not faithful. I'm now very happy 'cos besides the fact that I was able to recover from the incidents, the second offender, whose offence was the gravest later sent a message of apology to me.
I try to learn from everything and that's why I was able to learn that even when things look like not being good, they are actually good. It's just that we choose to make them look bad. Until we can focus on the positives more than the negatives, we can never see reasons to thank God.