May 25, 2009

For My God

I have not posted anything for over a month now because of so many factors, ranging from a busy schedule to my inability to get a place to browse in some of the places I visited in the last six weeks. However, during the period of my absence from blogging, I had to go through a very serious and hurting learning process. Its just like a person who has devoted resources, energy and time into building a skyscraper and the building just crumbling in just a twinkle of an eye.

I had a lot of reasons to question God, but at the end of the questioning session, I just got a deeper understanding that all the so called energy that I put into the project is given by God and I can only do all these things because of His breath that is in me. That is why I wrote this poem just to tell my God that in my trying time, I will always trust the Lord and thank Him because He says all things work together of all that love Him.

O Lord, My God.
O Lord, my God
According to the psalmist and my testimony
How excellent is your name in all the earth
O Lord, my God
Because of who you are and what you've done
Only you are worthy of my praise forever
O Lord, my God
Not because of how full or big my belly is
But because of your fullness that is in me
But my heart always leap for joy
O Lord, my God
Though my physical body may look rough
And ugly because of the stress of this world
My soul delight in you because in my spirit
I have your beautiful Spirit whose beautiful work from within
Cover up my ugly outside and make people agree that i'm beautiful
O Lord, my God
I just bless your name because in your loving kindness
You have made me go through the fire without being burnt
And through the storm without being consumed
How excellent you truly are, my dear God.

Adeniyi Adedayo (Dayo Nigeria)
May 26, 2009.

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